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Football Fan Visits Rangers & Celtic In Opposition Colours

This mad man goes on a special kind of kind of Glasgow Football Tour!


Ninh Ly: Rangers and Celtic. These two Glaswegian football clubs contest the Old Firm derby. One of the nastiest rivalries in world football. To say that it is nasty is an understatement because the players absolutely hate each other. The fans, they hate each other even more. The reasons why they hate each other have certainly been well-documented. It is as bad as the media makes it out to be? What happens when you wear a one team’s shirt in the opposing team stadium tour?

The Old Firm derby has been contested for well over 100 years. The honors between them are roughly equal. What it’s like to actually go around each other stadiums?

Now, regulars of my channel will know that I am a Manchester United fan. I have been for quite some time. If I’ve got to be honest, I don’t really have much of an opinion on Rangers or Celtic. I barely watch Scottish football. I’ve probably seen an Old Firm game probably what, twice in my life. I don’t have any preference to any team one way or the other. I’m not religious. I’m not a Unionist or a Republican. These two teams are about as neutral as you can get. I’m curious to know, is it really true what people say about Rangers or Celtic? Do they hate each other so much that the shared site or their colors infills them with rage? Well, I’m here to find out.

Now, a few guideline rules before we get started. Number one, no antagonizing. I’m not here to piss anybody off intentionally. I just want to see what their reaction is going to be. Number two, confession. If for some reason they figure that I’m not a real Rangers or Celtic fan mainly because of my appearance and accent, if they challenge me on it, I will confess and say no. I’m not actually a Rangers or Celtic fan.

Number three, no fighting. Whilst I am a trained fighter, I don’t want to be spending the afternoon and evening in a Glaswegian hospital or prison. No fighting. Am I going to get stabbed by wearing a Celtic or a Rangers shirt in the opposing team stadium? Let’s find out. Ibrox Stadium, Celtic shirt. Let’s get this over and done with.

Ibrox Stadium, the home of Rangers Football Club. This rather imposing-looking building is the third largest football ground in Scotland and has been the traditional home for Rangers. When you walk around the ground, red brickwork, traditional-style architecture, and you can tell almost immediately that there’s a lot of history behind this football club. Everywhere you look is a sea of blue and red.

Guys, I’m literally one minute in. One minute and already I’ve got angry car drivers blaring the horns at me. I’m going to start so far. The tour actually begins on the side of the stadium that’s next to the main road at their club reception. Almost immediately I noticed that the Rangers fans don’t want anything to do with me. In fact, they’re making a conscious effort to keep that distance away from me. Hello, sir. How are you?

Tour Of Ibrox Stadium

Male Speaker 2: Can I help you?

Ninh: Stadium tour?

Male Speaker 2: Sorry?

Ninh: Stadium tour?

Male Speaker 2: You’re doing a stadium tour in that jersey?

Ninh: Yes. What’s wrong with that?

Male Speaker 2: Those are our arch rivals. Is that why you’re filming? You walk in here, you may not get back out.

Ninh: I might not get back out? Shit. Is it really that bad in here? Anyway, once you walk through reception, it’s hard to go into the press conference area where you actually get to see where they do all their press conferences. Once again, I must have a really bad smell because no one is sitting next to me. You get put through a video presentation. The tour guide tells you a lot about Rangers Football Club. You even get a chance to go on the stage and have your picture taken. The tour guide actually offered to take my picture on the stage. That’s a shame. Well, at least you tried.

After you’ve had your picture taken up in the press conference area, it’s time to go up a flight of stairs. You’ll notice that the inside of this place is very ornately decorated. This is the blue room. There is a lot of historical significance in this blue room which the tour guide tells you a lot about. It’s interesting to learn about the history of Rangers because I didn’t actually know all that much. Wow. That’s actually cool mural. If you hang around till the end, there’s plenty of cool photo opportunities.

This is the manager’s office. You’ll notice that everything is kept very traditional, which I like because it actually shows off the history of the club. Time to walk up a few flights of stairs and into the directors’ box where you get your first view of the pitch. This place really is as big as you see on the TV. The tour guide tells you a lot about the stadium, what goes on here on a match day, et cetera. It’s cool to take photos out here as well.

You get led into one of the corporate hospitality lounges. It’s very Scottishly-decorated with red and blue and tartan. I quite like that. it’s got character. Once you’re walking through the corridors, you’ll notice a lot of historical caps. The Scottish are very proud of their caps. It’s cool to see some of these on the walls. Hey, it’s Andy Goram. Man, he was a hell of player.

You’re led into the trophy room. There is a lot of silverware here. These guys have seriously won a lot of stuff. You get to learn a lot about what Rangers have won. Whether you believe that they’re the world’s most successful football club or not, one thing is for sure, they’ve won a lot of stuff. It’s cool to see. Check out that thing of beauty in the middle there.

Hey, it’s Gazza’s bike. Well, not his actual bike. He made it infamous. You could probably guess the reasons why. It’s time to down the stairs. At this point, I think the fans suspect that something is up. This is the home team dressing room, whereby it’s a traditionally-decorated dressing room full of wooden cladding. They’ve got cardboard cutouts instead of shirts. Overall, it provides you some great photo opportunities. There’s also the bathrooms which are also traditionally decorated in the away teams changing room as well. That’s cool.

No stadium tour is complete without a tunnel walk. There’s great photo opportunities here. My advice is to wait for everyone to clear out and then take your pictures here, because there’s some pretty cool things to take pictures of. Once you’re done taking the pictures, it’s time to walk through the tunnel in and amongst some music. The view of the stadium here at ground level is actually quite good.

I highly recommend that you take lots of pictures here guys because there is a lot to take pictures of. Whether it’s the stands, the dugouts or the tunnel entrance, you won’t be short on things to take pictures of. If you get bored, obviously you can sit in the seat if you want to. Overall, guys, this is actually quite a pretty stadium. Once you’ve taken your pictures and stuff, that’s basically the end of your tour. You disappear back down the tunnel and away you go. If you want some unobstructed photo opportunities, wait for everyone else to clear out before taking it yourself.

That was a little awkward. Where do I begin? Well, firstly, nobody wanted to stand next to me. That’s how much these two sets of fans don’t particularly like each other. Did they want to stab me in the face? Well, if they did, they didn’t actually. Even though I got a few death stares and stuff like that, other than that, it wasn’t that bad. At the end of the tour I ended up talking to our tour guide who was actually a very reasonable guy. He explained that even though both sets of fans generally hate each other, that raised that mutual respect. That’s always good to know.

Celtic Park Stadium Tour

It’s time to hop in the car and head across the city to the other stadium. Celtic Park. The home of the Celtic Football Club. This stadium is the largest football ground in the country of Scotland. It’s sometimes referred to as Parkhead or Paradise. No. Seriously, they’ve printed on the side of the stadium. Around the ground you’ll see statues of their heroes. Brother Walfrid, the great Jock Stein and arguably their greatest ever captain Mr. Billy McNeill. Am I going to get similar treatment here at Celtic Park? Celtic Park, Rangers shirt.

The tour actually begins inside the club’s reception which is here on the side of the building. For some reason they’re leading me all on my own down the side of the building. Is this normal? Am I going to get shot on the back now? As it turns out, this is a perfectly normal part of the tour. One thing that was abundantly clear, everyone was super nice. They all shook my hand and welcomed me to Celtic Park. This guy right here, I’m pretty sure that he rumbled me straight off the bat. I’m fairly certain that he figured out that I wasn’t actually a Rangers fan. Even if he did or he didn’t, he was incredibly nice to me. This is my tour guide, David. Once again, he was also very, very nice to me. Lots of smiles, very polite. You noticed that as soon as you come here to Celtic Park, you’re given a warm welcome by literally everybody, which is fantastic. The tour actually begins here at one of the corporate hospitality lounges, but after you’ve had a quick bite to eat, et cetera, it’s now time to start the tour.

David: Hi. Good afternoon.

Ninh: Good afternoon.

David: That’s much better. Guys, a very, very warm welcome to you all. The Celtic Park, the home of the champions, the home of the eight in a row champions. The home of the treble winners, the home of the double treble winners. The home of the treble, treble winners.

Ninh: Now at this point, I’m pretty sure he’s doing this just to shame me. You know what, I found the funny side of it. The funny thing is, they all actually laughed and applauded me for wearing a Ranger shirt. To be honest, they all saw the funny side of it. I’m actually in shock at this point as to how cool everyone is about this. All the fans didn’t mind that I was there and they actually wanted to stand next to me. Here is the boardroom whereby you’ve got the busts of Brother Walfrid and Jock Stein.

This is where they conduct their business. One of the interesting things about this particular boardroom is the trophy cabinet. You get to learn a lot about some of the trophies that they’ve won, especially these three right here. I learned a lot about Celtic Football Club just from this talk, but David actually gave a rousing speech about how football fans should treat each other.

David: You don’t have to play for Celtic to represent Celtic. As soon as you wear that scarf, as soon as you wear that jersey, you represent Celtic. If you go to a match and you cause bother, people don’t see you causing bother, you see a Celtic’s opponent causing bother. That’s what brings upon [unintelligible 00:11:56] as a football club.

Ninh: I totally bought into what he was saying. Football is not about racism, it’s not about secularism. We’re here to enjoy the game and not hate on each other.

David: A treble, treble. I know you’re not laughing. That’s why you’re crying, I’m not sure.


Ninh: Even though I got ripped quite a lot, it was all in good fun. It’s interesting to see some of the accolades that they won, particularly the medals of their best players, including this man, Mr. Billy McNeil. Speaking of Billy McNeil, you get a fantastic talk about the 1967 Lisbon Lions, arguably the greatest ever team captained by Mr. McNeil and you get to learn about some of the greatest plays to ever dawned the hoops shirts.

Once the talks ended, you then get led towards the home team’s dressing room. Check out the murals on the walls, that’s actually cool. When you enter the home team’s dressing room, it’s actually nice. These guys actually have the shirts on display, so you’ve got some cool photo opportunities. They don’t mind you actually picking up the shirts and having your photos taken with them which I thought was actually cool.

The shirt, that looks familiar. You get to learn a lot about what happens on a match day here and even the fact that famous people when they do this tour, they actually sign the inside of the lockers which I found really, really interesting. Check out the signatures, I don’t know who they are but yes, cool. Once again, the Celtic fans know how to have a bit of a laugh and a joke. To be honest, I actually enjoyed my time here. It wasn’t at all threatening.

There was no animosity and everyone was up for a bit of a laugh. Now, it’s time to walk down the corridor towards the place tunnel. This the point where he picked somebody to lead the team out onto the field. Guess who that was? After a bit of Ranger’s shaming, all in good fun, of course, I actually let all these Celtic fans down the tunnel towards the field which they all saw the funny side of.


Ninh: I thought you were going to play the other one, the one that I hate so much. You get a fantastic view of the stadium from here, guys. Even though it’s getting dark and you’ve got the grass lights on, you can still see most of the stadium, it was actually cool. There’s plenty of photo opportunities open around here including in the dugout seats.

They even have one of those Instagram selfie boards which I totally did. Yes, that’s the one you saw on Twitter.

You get to spend some time taking in the sights and taking lots of pictures and videos if you want to. This stadium is actually pretty, pretty big. It certainly looks like the size that you see when you’re watching the games on TV. After you’ve taken your photos and videos, it’s time to disappear back down the tunnel and up a flight of stairs towards the director’s bit.

Now, you get some fantastic views of the stadium from up here. You get to learn a lot about some of the people who actually come to the games here. For example, this seat belongs to Billy Connolly. This seat belongs to Sir Rod Stewart’s. I thought that was actually interesting. Now, at this point of the tour, I’d like to talk about our tour guide, David. He was probably the best tour guide that I’ve ever come across when doing these stadium tours.

Very knowledgeable about his club, very passionate and also very educational. Even though I got a ribbing for wearing a Ranger shirt, it was all in good fun and we could have a laugh and a joke. There was no ounce of animosity here. If you do get David as your tour guide, consider yourselves very, very lucky. If you’re a Celtic Football Club, seriously, give this man a pay rise, he certainly deserves it. Once you get a final talk from your tour guide, everyone is still having a laugh and a joke.

[background conversation]

Ninh: Taking your last views of the stadium, guys, because this is pretty much the end of the tour. Up the stairs you go and lots of handshakes from the Celtic staff before they give you some free swag. Overall, I was made to feel very, very welcome here. I’m highly grateful of that. If you do want to do a better Celtic shopping, the Celtic superstore is literally across the way there, so you can actually buy quite a lot of stuff. At the end of the tour, I actually revealed to both tour guides that I’m not actually a Ranger or Celtic fan. I’m not a Ranger’s fan.



Ninh: I just wanted to see what’s all your reactions about, that’s all.

David: Fantastic, really.

Ninh: Future in here. I’m obviously back home here in sunny Lancashire. I tried to edit this video for you guys. There’s something I’ve got to get off my chest. Both Rangers and Celtic were very, very nice to me. I concluded that the hatred isn’t real and it’s grossly exaggerated. Then I went to the car and turned my phone back on. My phone had lit up like a Christmas tree. It turns out that pictures of me doing these tours had circulated on the internet to the point whereby the local newspapers were actually reporting this as news.

Man in Celtic top does Rangers tour, then visits Parkhead in a Light Blues jersey. You see, I don’t even deem that to be news. As you can tell from my channel, I actually do this a lot in my Manchester United shirts. In all honesty, nobody really bats an eyelid, not even at Liverpool. The fact that this made the newspapers, I’m actually quite astonished, Rangers and Celtic mystery solved as YouTube star visits ground in rival’s tops.

Why thank you Daily Record, but I’m honestly not a YouTube star, I barely have any subscribers. If you want to help me out, subscribe, of course. To be honest, nobody really watches my video, so I’m surprised you’ve come up with that. Thank you very much for the compliment. Then I started to take a closer look at some of the comments. Some of them accuse me of being some kind of attention-seeking whore. I’m not and I’ve just explained the reasons why. Some of them think that I was some confused Chinese tourist which I could understand where you get that from.

I even got a handful of compliments. Yes, thank you very much for that, very kind of you. I’m sorry to report that most of the comments were overwhelmingly negative. People reacted really badly to me turning up to a stadium in a different colored shirt. Let’s make one thing very, very clear. I honestly don’t care what abuse you throw at me. I died a long time ago, so whatever you say, it doesn’t really matter in the grander scheme of things. You see, this is the problem with football, this unmitigated level of hatred. We can’t complain about racism when we’re coming out with comments like this.

We also can’t complain about hooliganism when people want me dead for wearing a different colored shirt. Think about that for a second. You want somebody to die because they’re wearing a different colored T-shirt. Does that not seem a little bit overblown to you? Football is not about racism. Football is not about secularism. Football isn’t about any form of discrimination at all.

What it is about is what’s on the field, that’s it. That’s all it should be about. Don’t buy into all of this negative hatred. You don’t have to hate anybody to support your local football team. Now at this point, I understand that you may not listen to me. If you have listened to me and still decided that you want to do this, then, by all means, it’s a free country, you can write and say what you like. If you do, just understand that you’re part of the problem. Ninh, if I’ve only got time to do one stadium tour, which one do I go to? Rangers or Celtic? Celtic, and it’s not even close. Don’t get me wrong, the Rangers tour was actually very, very good. The tour guide was very, very nice to me. You got to learn a lot about Rangers and it was very educational. As far as the facilities are concerned, they have that retro traditional charm where everything’s ornately decorated. I actually quite like that. It screams character, it screams history. I like all of this stuff.

If you are around the Ibrox area, if you’re a neutral or if you happen to be around Glasgow and you do want to do the tour at Ibrox, I highly recommend that you do. If you’ve only got time to do one tour out of the both of them, go to Celtic. The stadium is bigger, it has a more modern appearance which might appeal to some. Technically there’s a lot more stuff to see, but the real difference is how you’re treated. I was so shocked, literally surprised that they were so nice to me even though I was wearing a Ranger shirt. They welcomed everybody. They were super, super nice about it.

Once again, shout out to David, possibly the best tour guide in the country. Honestly, either or guys, seriously, if you got time to do them both, do them both. Rangers and Celtic are fantastic football teams. They’re fantastic organizations. Of course, they are. They’ve dominated Scottish football. It’s not even been close, so obviously they’re doing something right. Visit them both if you can. If you don’t and you only have time to do one, pick Celtic over Rangers.

“Ninh, I’m sold. What do I do?” Well, you need to either get Ibrox or Celtic Park. Both of them are easily accessible by public transport or driving. They’re very well connected, so they’re not particularly difficult to find. The cost to do these tours? Well, to be honest, really not expensive. They’re actually one of the cheaper tours I’ve actually done and they’re definitely valued for money.

“Is there anything else I need to know?” Yes. Technically at Rangers, you cannot video anything. Whilst they allow photography, they don’t allow you to video anything. I know I record this covertly whether if that was right or wrong, I do apologize if anyone’s offended by that, but it was the only way to show you what the Rangers tour was actually like. There was no such restriction at Celtic.

They actually encourage you to take as many photos and videos as you like, which I did. Where does this rank in the hierarchy of your stadium tours? Well, Rangers somewhere in the middle. Celtic, I’m going to put literally there at the number two spot. I won’t say it’s as good as the one I did at PSG, which the videos coming up soon. Sorry, these things take time to edit, so I’m working on that. Celtic is pretty much at number two.

In theory, you could call it 1a and 1b. The main reason that’s up there is mainly down to the customer service of David and his crew. Guys, if you’re a football fan and you’re in Glasgow, I highly recommend doing these stadium tours. If you’ve only got time to do one, go to Celtic Park. If you’re near Ibrox, go in. Yes, seriously. It’s a good tour.

If you have enjoyed this episode, please be sure to like, share and subscribe. Comments on the comment section below. If I get enough suggestions for more bucket list ideas, feel free to tweet them at me. If I get no suggestions, I’ll go ahead and do that. Guys, thank you very much for watching. We’ll see you in the next episode.

If you get a chance like that, I’m running. You saw my videos on YouTube? If you are going to be– I completely lost my train of thought. I have just bumped into one of my fans here who’s actually seen my YouTube video.


Ninh: Sorry, what’s your name?

Alex: Alex.

Ninh: Alex. Alex, what are you doing here?

Alex: I’m just visiting the stadium.

Ninh: Yes. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know where all the fans have disappeared to today. There’s some Scottish national holiday that I don’t know about. Are you going to be wearing a Celtic shirt today?

Alex: No, not for me.

Ninh: [laughs] Thanks, man. I appreciate that. Thank you very much. Guys, I’m here outside Glasgow Celtic. I’m not at Celtic, Jesus God. Don’t get that wrong though just push my head in.